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Maximize Fall Overseeding

Posted on September 21, 2020

It’s overseeding season, and we know you’re busy. That’s why we assembled a group of nutrition, weed control, and soil-boosting products designed to take your overseeding applications to the next level this fall.

Don't Stop with Seed

Seeds need help to succeed. Fall overseeding applications of fertilizer, weed control, and soil amendments help give new seedlings the proper soil and nutrition they need to thrive.

Established turf receives many benefits too, with the nutrition to recover from summer stress and prepare for winter, the prevention of new fall weeds, and the increase in soil health.


Our Favorite Fall Overseeding Companion Products

21-22-4 with Mesotrione

A starter fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control.

This unique combination of fertilizer and Mesotrione herbicide eliminates grassy and broadleaf weeds while providing a high-quality, homogenous starter fertilizer to promote seedling germination and rapid establishment. Small particles (SGN 135) enhance coverage and efficiency.


9-12-6 with HCU and Black Gypsum DG®

A starter fertilizer featuring Humic Coated Urea (HCU) and Black Gypsum DG.

This product utilizes a unique combination of quickly-available phosphorous and SmartPhos DG, an extended-release phosphorus source. While boosting soil and assisting with germination and establishment, 9-12-6 Fertilizer with HCU and Black Gypsum DG also prevents phosphorous from tying up in high-pH soils.


Humic DG CharX

A soil amendment featuring a 50/50 blend of humic acid and biochar.

This product is designed to maximize the building of healthy soils and significantly increase fertilizer efficiency. Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology means the granules break down into millions of particles with watering. This allows these smaller particles to easily make their way down through the turfgrass canopy.


Black Gypsum DG®

A soil amendment delivering humic acid and gypsum.

Featuring humic substances and gypsum in one, homogenous granule, Black Gypsum DG aids in flushing salts from soil, improving soil microbiology, and creating an ideal environment for roots to flourish. Black Gypsum DG features calcium sulfate dihydrate, a gypsum source more water soluble than its anhydrite counterpart.


© 2020 The Andersons, Inc. All rights reserved. HCU, Humic DG, and CharX are trademarks of The Andersons, Inc. Black Gypsum DG is a registered trademark of The Andersons, Inc.

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