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SmartPhos DG: Next-Level Phosphorus Control

Posted on February 14, 2022

Phosphorus sources have historically fallen into one of two distinct groups -- rock phosphates, which bring low solubility and low plant availability, but are not prone to tie-up in soil, and soluble phosphorus, which offer solubility and plant availability, but tend to be tied-up in soil.

What if we could have the best of both worlds? Struvite offers that possibility. Featuring low water solubility and high plant availability, struvite delivers phosphorus slowly and steadily over the course of a growing season.

What Makes Struvite A Great Fertilizer?

Struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) is a phosphorus-rich material known to cause problems for wastewater treatment facilities, where it forms scales on lines and belts, and can ultimately end up clogging pipes and other systems.

With a struvite extraction process, this same problem-causing material can be filtered out, collected, and dried into a powder that can ultimately be recycled as a phosphorus and magnesium-based fertilizer.

With a granulation drum, the struvite powder is formed into granules. While performing similarly to diammonium phosphate (DAP), these struvite fertilizer granules provide many benefits:

  • Low water solubility, allowing for a slow, steady supply of nutrients
  • High plant availability, offering nutrients that can be readily absorbed
  • Low salt index, avoiding the burning of new seedlings
  • Not impacted by soil pH issues

Featuring struvite, SmartPhos DG is designed to provide season-long feeding of plant-available phosphorus, resulting in superior availability and lower use rates. Featuring our patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology, SmartPhos DG granules disperse rapidly with water, moving the particles quickly through the turf canopy into the root zone.

Stable in the soil, SmartPhos DG also prevents the leaching of phosphorus. A recent leaching study conducted at The Ohio State University comparing SmartPhos DG and DAP revealed that SmartPhos DG released nutrients 40 times slower than DAP. This balanced, slow-release nutrition is what sets SmartPhos DG apart, making it the perfect phosphorus solution for new seedlings and established turf alike. In fact, SmartPhos DG can be used at half the rate of traditional starter fertilizers while delivering the same results.

Available as a standalone product, SmartPhos DG is also featured as the phosphorus source in select products, detailed below.

SmartPhos DG

Struvite-based SmartPhos DG carries a 4-22-0 analysis along with 8% magnesium. Offering season-long feeding, this product can be used at half the rate of traditional phosphorus applications.


Contec DG® 11-8-9

Contec DG 11-8-9 is a high-performance, well-balanced fertilizer containing SmartPhos DG as the phosphorus source.

Containing MUtech® slow-release nitrogen, Mg, Fe, and Mn, this product is ideal for greens, tees, and other fine turf areas. Featuring DG Technology, Contec DG 11-8-9 disperses rapidly with water, making its way to the root zone while avoiding being picked up by mowers or washed away with rainfall.


Genesis Rx® 5-7-5 

Genesis Rx 5-7-5 is an all-in-one fertility and soil amendment product for easy application in conjunction with aerification. This product is a high-quality NPK fertility blend containing secondary and minor elements and utilizing our patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. 


Genesis Rx® Zeolite+ 3-4-3

Genesis Rx Zeolite+ 3-4-3, a 50/50 physical blend of Genesis Rx 5-7-5 and zeolite, delivers balanced NPK, secondary and minor element fertility, soil-enriching humic acid, zeolite, and a full spectrum of more than two dozen beneficial microorganisms, all in one easy-to-apply product featuring our patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology.


9-12-6 with HCU and Black Gypsum DG

9-12-6 with HCU and Black Gypsum DG is a fertilizer designed for both new turf establishment and maintenance. Representing 37% of the nitrogen source, Humic Coated Urea (HCU) provides humic acid to improve soils and strengthen roots. This formulation also contains Black Gypsum DG to aid in leaching excess sodium through the soil profile. SmartPhos DG provides plant-available phosphorus over an extended period, allowing for lower use rates compared to traditional phosphorus sources.


5-10-10 Fertilizer with Humic DG

Featuring SmartPhos DG as the phosphorus source, this formulation also contains MUtech slow-release nitrogen, along with magnesium, sulfur, iron, and manganese. With 17.85% Humic DG, this product is also designed to deliver soil-boosting carbon.


18-6-12 Ornamental Fertilizer

Designed for professional landscape, field grown nursery stock, composting medias and container grown plants, this all-purpose fertilizer features MUtech-XL slow-release nitrogen (8-9 months) and SmartPhos DG. Iron and other micronutrients deliver enhanced greening and stress tolerance.  



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