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Posted on July 12, 2021

The Foltec LQ line of foliar nutrition products includes two distinct product groups. While the FOLTEC LQ ULTRA products include value-added ingredients like amino acids, sea plant extracts, phosphites, and micronutrients for premium turfgrass, the FOLTEC LQ CLASSIC products deliver time-proven formulations for a variety of applications. 

Foltec LQ Ultra is a foliar feeding nutritional line derived from the highest quality ingredients intended for use on premium cut turgrass. Foltec LQ Ultra formulations are designed to boost turf pre-stress conditioning and improve overall nutrient efficiency. Select formulations contain value added ingredients including: amino acids, sea plant extracts and micronutrients. 


Unlike other sea plant extracts, which can bring foul odors and lack solubility, SeaThru clear sea plant extract delivers a highly-soluble formulation without the unwelcome smells. Featured in select Foltec LQ formulations, SeaThru has been shown to improve root growth, soil microbial activity, stress tolerance, and overall plant quality.

Each of the Foltec LQ Ultra products contains a different blend of NPK and micronutrients. Select formulations include amino acids, sea plant extracts, and micronutrients. Explore formulations and download labels below.


This professional grade line of liquid fertilizers contains several time proven formulations in its lineup. Foltec LQ Classics provide a complete foliar feeding and can be used in a variety of different green settings including: lawn care, sports turf, nursery, and specialty crops.

Each of the Foltec LQ Classic products contains a different blend of NPK and micronutrients. Explore formulations and download labels below.





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