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Preventative vs. Curative Disease Control

Posted on May 31, 2022

There is an old adage among turf managers that says, “an ounce of fungicide product applied preventatively is the equivalent of a pound of product applied curatively”.

Trying to apply fungicide after the onset of disease symptoms will stop the progression of the pathogen, but the turf that has already suffered damage will have to regrow. This can cause great frustration with homeowners and can lead to decreased revenue, should the customer decide to leave the program.

We recently reflected on a conversation with Jared McIntosh, Operations Manager for TurfMan, LLC, a Cincinnati, OH-based LCO about his thoughts on being forced into a curative scenario. "We never like to be in a curative mode," McIntosh explained. "In these situations, we're charging customers to apply the fungicide after the disease has already appeared, only to have them express their dissatisfaction a few weeks later if weather conditions do not change and the disease continues to persist," he said.

Whether you attack summer diseases preventatively or you are forced into curative mode, you’ll need the right product for the job. While you certainly need to correct the problem, you don’t have to break the bank along the way. 

Prophesy Fungicide offers the control of many diseases (including brown patch, dollar spot, anthracnose, and more) with continued protection for up to three weeks, all with a more cost-effective solution per 1000 sq. ft., compared to the leading industry competitors.

About Prophesy

Prophesy Granular Fungicide provides multi-week residual control for a wide variety of pathogens, coupled with strong economics, making it an ideal pillar for any summer disease program. Typical application rates for brown patch control are 2.5 lbs per 1000 sq. ft applied every 14-21 days. The patented dispersible granular carrier allows for the active ingredient, propiconazole, to quickly go to work on mitigating disease progression.

If disease is already a problem, consider using the maximum application rate with the shortest application interval. By contrast, if you do not have disease present, but you're looking to start a preventative program, use the lower application rate with similar application intervals.

Prophesy 0.72% Fungicide




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