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Introducing PCHCU™ and HCAS™

Posted on June 01, 2022

From groundbreaking nutrient delivery systems and coated technologies to next-generation soil amendments, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Featuring our patented Humic Coated Urea (HCU™) as a base, Polymer-Coated Humic Coated Urea (PCHCU) offers a significantly extended release profile and allows for a reduction in nitrogen usage.

• Offers an extended release profile (10 weeks)

• Provides higher plant-available nitrogen compared to other controlled release nitrogen sources

• Increases soil biological activity

• Delivers significantly higher total root length, surface area and volume compared to urea applications alone

50-lb bags


Late-summer 2022 (US release)

Humic Coated Ammonium Sulfate (HCAS™) offers a cool-weather nitrogen source that acts as a complementary solution to Humic Coated Urea (HCU®) applied during the warmer, summer months. Available in both soluble and spreadable formulations, HCAS can be used on both cool and warm-season turf species.

To learn more about HCAS, click here


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