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Prepare with Prophesy: Preventing Summer Disease

Posted By Ben Pease, Agronomist on May 09, 2022


Waiting until diseases strike is a recipe for disaster, resulting in unhappy clients and extra repair work.

Preventative control programs act as a preemptive strike, more effectively and economically keeping diseases at bay. Lawn Care Professionals across the country trust Prophesy granular fungicide (0.72% propiconazole) to provide broad-spectrum, systemic suppression and protection against brown patch, dollar spot, anthracnose, and other summer diseases.

Featuring Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology and providing up to four weeks of residual control with strong economics per 1,000 square feet, Prophesy is an ideal pillar for any summer disease program.


Prophesy 0.72% Fungicide

25 and 40-lb bags

Product Codes
APTDGPZ2 / 10005684 (25-lb); APTDGPZ40 / 10005686 (40-lb)

Active Ingredient
0.72% propiconazole

Featured Technology
DG Pro® Technology

Particle Size
100 SGN

Application Rates
2.5-5.0 lbs/M; 109-218 lbs/A

Prophesy 0.72% Fungicide






Tony Goldsby


Ben Pease, PhD is the Agronomist for The Andersons Turf & Specialty business, responsible for research, service, and technical support. Ben received both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin, and earned his doctorate degree from Iowa State University. Ben has also served as the Assistant Superintendent for Cherokee Country Club (Madison, WI) and Whistling Straits Golf Courses (Sheboygan, WI). To contact Ben, click here.


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