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Introducing RejuvaSoil

Posted by Ben Pease, Agronomist, PhD on January 05, 2023

The newest addition to our line of premium soil amendments, RejuvaSoil is an all-natural soil enhancer designed to improve degraded or compromised soil.

RejuvaSoil contains Humic DG™, BioChar DG™, and a beneficial microbial package. These components are designed to add organic matter, increase soil microbial populations, and improve nutrient efficiency.

RejuvaSoil can be used with all turfgrass species in residential and commercial lawn care, landscape, golf, sports turf, and other applications. Formulated without a nutritional component, RejuvaSoil is the perfect complement to any existing turfgrass fertility program.


Leading up to the 2021 Solheim Cup, the Inverness Club (Toledo, OH) was dealing with some problematic turf areas. After completing a course renovation, including bringing non-turf areas into turf management, the golf course superintendent noticed some areas that, despite nutrient application, were still underperforming and not establishing well. The turf was not growing well, the course did not feel tournament ready, and he needed something to boost soil health.

Following an application of RejuvaSoil, these areas began responding to fertilizer applications and quickly became fully established. The color and density of the turf improved, and the superintendent felt much more prepared for the upcoming tournament.

Before RejuvaSoil (left), problematic turf areas appeared thatchy and laid over, and were not responding well. After RejuvaSoil (right), turf became denser and darker, and stood more upright.


RejuvaSoil can be used with all turfgrass species, with or without a conventional fertility program.

Apply at 3-5 lbs/1000 sq ft (130-218 lbs/acre) with a broadcast-style spreader.

Reapplication interval will vary based on preexisting soil conditions. Multiple applications may be required throughout the year if areas in need are poor in quality or color.



Tony Goldsby


Ben Pease is the Agronomist for The Andersons Turf & Specialty business, responsible for research, service, and technical support. Ben received both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin, and earned his doctorate degree from Iowa State University. Ben has also served as the Assistant Superintendent for Cherokee Country Club (Madison, WI) and Whistling Straits Golf Courses (Sheboygan, WI). To contact Ben, click here.

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