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Video: Make Calibration Simple with the Prizelawn® ARC 1 Spreader Calibrator

Posted Tony Goldsby, Agronomist on February 18, 2019


Having an accurately-calibrated spreader is vital to ensuring you are protecting not only the environment, but your bottom line. 

Over-application of fertilizers can be harmful to your turfgrass and can end up costing thousands of dollars in wasted product over time. By performing a spreader calibration, you can ensure that you are putting down the proper amount of product in accordance with the law. This also ensures that you are maximizing your investment in the product. 

One of the major frustrations when traditionally calibrating your spreader is the mess that occurs from putting down the product, sweeping it up, and weighing it to determine the product application rate. With the Prizelawn® Arc 1 Spreader Calibrator, you can affix the calibration tray directly to your spreader, making product collection, weighing, and reuse simple.

This video, featuring Agronomist Tony Goldsby, introduces the Arc 1 and reviews the proper methods for calculating your effective swath width and product application rate, the two most important factors to determine when calibrating your spreader. 


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Tony Goldsby

Anthony “Tony” Goldsby is the Research Agronomist for The Andersons Professional Products business, responsible for research, service, and technical support. Prior to joining The Andersons, Tony received both his master’s and doctorate degrees from Kansas State University with an emphasis in turfgrass management. Specializing in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and turfgrass science and management, Tony is a firm believer in providing turfgrass education and enjoys helping customers establish or adjust their IPM or fertility programs.

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