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Introducing Biomend® Organic Fertilizers

Posted on July 25, 2019

Introducing Biomend, an exciting new line of organic fertilizer solutions for use on turf, ornamentals, and specialty crops.  

Available in two formulations, Biomend 5-5-5 and 10-0-6 feature all natural and organic nutrient sources and contain no biosolids, manure or wastewater byproducts. Utilizing a plant-based soybean meal for a portion of the nitrogen source, these products do not emit an overwhelming odor like biosolid/poultry fertilizers.

Biomend 5-5-5 and 10-0-6 also contain a small amount of humic acid. Humic acid is a natural soil conditioner, organic chelator, and microbial stimulator that provides the following benefits:

  • Supplies an oxidized, soluble carbon source, leading to improvement in long-term soil pH
  • Enhances efficiency of applied nutrients and increases availability of soil phosphorus
  • Retains soil moisture and enables better water penetration in the soil, resulting in reduced water requirement
  • Chelates soil micronutrients, increasing their availability

The 5-5-5 formulation is perfect for trees, ornamentals and specialty crops, providing an ideal 1:1:1 fertility ratio for extended feeding.


The 10-0-6 formulation was designed for turfgrass applications, combining both quick and slow release nitrogen. The high rate of 10 lbs./1000 ft2 delivers .5 lbs. N/1000 ft2. Turfgrass color response can be observed in approximately 7-10 days following application.


Product Specifications

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Biomend 5-5-5

Biomend 10-0-6


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