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Contec DG - Gen 3 and Foltec SG

Posted on August 02, 2018

The Andersons High-Performance Greens Nutrition Contec DG - Gen 3 Foltec SG

The combination of Contec DG® - Gen 3 dispersing granules and Foltec® SG soluble granules provides ideal premium nutrition for greens, tees, and other fine turf.

The Andersons Contec DG - Gen 3

The Andersons Contec DG - Gen 3 18-9-18 SGN 75Gen 3 represents the latest evolution of the Contec DG product range. Featured on select products, these granules are easy to spread and easy to see, saving turf managers both time and money. Gen 3 granules are completely homogeneous, allowing for a consistent spread pattern. The granules also stand out against turf, making it easy to see where product has been applied, decreasing the possibility of over-application.

18-9-18, 17-0-17, 6-0-12, 12-3-12

For more information on Contec DG – Gen 3, click here.


The Andersons Foltec SG

The Andersons Foltec SG 16-0-16Foltec SG is an innovative foliar nutrient technology utilizing a proprietary combination of dry, 100% soluble nutrient granules that quickly solubilize in the spray tank. Each Foltec SG product contains a specific N-P-K ratio along with essential micronutrients, UltraMate SG (humate/carbon) and sea plant extract. Packaged in resealable foil-lined bags with easy-open tear strips to save time and effort, Foltec SG truly allows you to spray smarter.

24-0-8, 8-24-8, 8-0-24, 16-0-16, Minors Package

For more information on Foltec SG, click here.



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