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HCU FSG Minors

Posted on May 31, 2018

Combining HCU and Foltec SG Minors creates an ideal tank mix of nitrogen, humic acid, and minor elements. Applied anytime during the growing season, this pair delivers exceptional performance without breaking the budget.

When thinking about proven results and adaptability for fairway-based nutrition, sprayable urea is a cost-effective mainstay. Humic Coated Urea (HCU) offers all of the advantages of sprayable urea coupled with the soil-enriching benefits of a potassium humate coating, which provides a rich carbon source to feed soil microbes. The addition of Foltec SG Minors provides full-spectrum nutritional benefits to the entire turfgrass ecosystem.


HCU granules represent a sensible approach to nitrogen application, combining urea and humic acid in a 100% soluble granule. While providing equal or better performance than leading stabilized nitrogen products, HCU granules also offer strong economics in use.

For more information about HCU, click here.


Foltec SG Minors is a proprietary combination of dry, 100% soluble granules that contains selected secondary and minor elements, along with sea plant extract and humate. With easy to understand coverage and application rates, Foltec SG truly allows you to spray smarter.

To learn more about Foltec SG Minors and the rest of the Foltec SG line of products, click here.


Foltec SG Minors has been tested and shown to be very soluble with adequate agitation, typical of that provided by most self-contained spray units. When applying Foltec SG products with other active ingredients, it is normally recommended that Foltec SG be placed in the mixing tank first. When mixing with Humic Coated Urea, however, Foltec SG Minors should be added only after HCU dissolution. Follow the steps below to ensure proper mixing of the two products.


Add HCU to water. DO NOT pour directly into the tank. Can be solubilized using an inductor, rinsed through a basket strainer, or prepared in a bucket slurry.


Add Foltec SG Minors. Can be poured directly into the tank, solubilized using an inductor, or rinsed through a basket strainer.


Mix thoroughly.



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