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Genesis Rx: First for Fall Fertility

Posted by Tony Goldsby, Agronomist on September 20, 2019

When the cooler temperatures of fall arrive, it is common for turf managers with cool-season species to switch from spoon-fed, foliar-applied nutrients to granular-applied fertility sources. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your fall fertility product:

Look for a well-balanced NPK ratio.

A well-balanced fertilizer ensures that turf has proper amounts of N, P, and K. Nitrogen assists the plant in producing non-structural carbohydrates (food reserves) prior to winter. Phosphorus helps the plant in energy production and rooting. Potassium aids the plant in the regulation of plant stomata and water prior to winter.

Pay attention to your nitrogen source. 

For early-fall applications ahead of temperatures dropping, a proper amount of slow-release nitrogen can ensure extended feeding without excessive shoot growth. Once temperatures get a bit cooler, any quickly-available nitrogen will go directly to carbohydrate storage for plants. 

Make sure micronutrients are a part of the formula.

Micronutrients (Iron, Zinc, etc.) play a vital role in several plant processes. Adequate levels of micronutrients are vital for turf health. 

Don’t forget your soil! 

Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to improve your soil, which aids in plant growth and acts as a storage reserve for both nutrients and water.


Genesis Rx™ 5-7-5 is a high-quality NPK fertility blend and soil amendment ideal for fall applications on high-quality, putting-height turfgrasses such as creeping bentgrass. Genesis Rx 5-7-5 features a combination of readily-available and slow-release nitrogen, secondary and minor elements, and Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. This unmatched combination provides turfgrass with the necessary nutrition for optimal growth.

Genesis Rx 5-7-5 contains both MAP (34%) and SmartPhos slow-release phosphorous (66%). This provides one-third of the P up-front and allows the other two-thirds to sit in reserves until it is needed by the plant.

Genesis Rx 5-7-5 also contains 21.5% Humic DG™ (by weight), a humic acid-based product that delivers a carbon-rich food source to help stimulate soil microorganisms. Humic DG enhances nitrogen efficiency and micronutrient availability, improves water infiltration, increases CEC, and improves soil structure.

Typical application rates of Genesis Rx 5-7-5 for fall turfgrass maintenance range from 5-20 pounds of product per 1000 sq. ft.

A rate of 15 lbs. per 1000 ft2 delivers:
0.75 lbs. N per 1000 ft2
1.05 lbs. P per 1000 ft2
0.75 lbs. K per 1000 ft2
3.20 lbs. Humic DG per 1000 ft2

To learn more about Genesis Rx 5-7-5, click here.

For more information on nitrogen release related to your aerification timing, consider using the Turf Nutrition Tool (TNT). With the TNT, you are able to run scenarios with several different products and application timings to assist in determining the combination that best suits your specific needs. The completely reimagined tool offers mobile-friendly access from any device, an easy-to-use interface, new product listings, and the ability to save and share created programs.

Tony Goldsby

Anthony “Tony” Goldsby is the Research Agronomist for The Andersons Professional Products business, responsible for research, service, and technical support. Prior to joining The Andersons, Tony received both his master’s and doctorate degrees from Kansas State University with an emphasis in turfgrass management. Specializing in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and turfgrass science and management, Tony is a firm believer in providing turfgrass education and enjoys helping customers establish or adjust their IPM or fertility programs.

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