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Introducing Tee Time + Humic DG

Posted on February 01, 2019

Many turfgrass managers are familiar with our flagship putting greens fertilizer lineup of Contec DG® (dispersible granule) fertilizers. However, some may not be aware that we also produce a premium line of blended greens fertilizers marketed under the Tee Time® Brand. Tee Time has been available for many years and makes a great premium fertility choice for low cut turfgrass. Historically, the most popular Tee Time fertilizer formulations have been 0-0-28, 13-2-13, 18-6-15, 14-28-10.

Many of the same turfgrass managers who use Tee Time blended fertilizers have also found great value in applying Humic DG .

Some of the benefits of Humic DG include:

  • Improved soil structure
  • Nutrient efficiency
  • Deeper and more robust turfgrass rooting.

However, having to apply both products in separate applications can require more time and labor.  The introduction of Tee Time + Humic DG solves this issue by including both premium NPK blended nutrients plus Humic DG in one easy to apply product.  All Tee Time + Humic DG formulations provide a minimum of 90 lbs. of Humic DG per acre at a typical application rate of 0.5 lbs. of key nutrient per 1000 ft2. The new Tee Time + Humic DG formulations which are available are as follows.


Tee Time 0-0-20 + Humic DG

Tee Time 8-1-8 + Humic DG

Tee Time 12-2-8 + Humic DG

Tee Time 12-18-6 + Humic DG


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