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Introducing: DI2020 Spreader

Posted Tony Goldsby, Agronomist on January 15, 2020


DI2020 Dual-Impeller Broadcast Spreader

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, products are constantly changing right before our eyes. By the time you purchase and set up your brand-new iPhone®, Apple® has already taken the liberty of parading a new, upgraded version to market. However, for some odd reason, this phenomenon of rapid change has not transcended into the world of rotary broadcast spreaders. Many of the current rotary spreaders still utilize a large single-impeller for distributing fertilizer particles onto turfgrass. One of the shortfalls with traditional, single-impeller units is that the product distribution can be skewed, with application being heavier on one side of center. The Andersons is known in the industry for our product innovation, and we have improved the fertilizer particle distribution of the single-impeller by adding a cone between the product ports on the bottom of the hopper and the impeller. This type of helical cone technology is the patented design utilized on our current AP/SR-2000™ rotary spreader line.

Now we are happy to introduce another market-changing development in the form of our new DI2020 Dual-Impeller Broadcast Spreader. The dual-impeller design features an advanced dual-impeller setup, providing a symmetrical spread pattern which eliminates the potential for uneven product application associated with traditional single-impeller spreaders. Furthermore, the dual shutoff handles on the spreader allow for independent control of product flow for each side of the spread pattern. The additional second impeller also increases the overall swath width of the product application area. Increasing the swath width reduces the time and labor associated with the number of passes required to spread your fertilizer. For more information on the DI2020 Dual-Impeller Broadcast Spreader, please stop by our booth at the Golf Industry show for a hands-on demonstration.


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