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Eezy® Moly-B

Eezy Moly-B provides essential micronutrients, molybdenum, and boron. Molybdenum is responsible for a variety of essential functions in the plant, mainly nitrogen metabolism. Boron is complementary to molybdenum and is responsible for cell wall structure, sugar transport, cell division, and seed and grain formation. Eezy Moly-B is safe for foliar and soil application on a variety of crops.

Molybdenum and boron micronutrient features and benefits

  • Created for use on all crops and compatible with most pesticides

  • A highly clean, pure, true solution

  • Increases nodule efficiency

  • Aids in the development of cell walls, which increase plant stability

  • Improves absorption and movement of nutrients into the plant

  • Stimulates plant development and encourages proper maturity

  • Results in increased flowering and fruiting of crop


Q: Why is Eezy Moly-B essential for leguminous crops?

A: The molybdenum and boron in Eezy Moly-B help to drive the natural process of nitrogen fixation by soil bacteria. As a result, nodules appear dark pink or red when split open. A symptom of molybdenum deficiency in the nodules is an off-tan or grey color, indicating they are not effectively fixing nitrogen for the plant to use.

Q: How do I apply Eezy Moly-B?

A: Eezy Moly-B is recommended at 1 pint per acre applied with a foliar pesticide application. It can also be applied with a starter in 2x2 placement, sidedress, broadcast, or topdress.

Q: What crops are recommended for the application of Eezy Moly-B?

A: Eezy Moly-B was designed to effectively deliver nutrients to a variety of crops, with legumes receiving the most benefit. Fruit trees and vegetables can also benefit from the application of Eezy Moly-B.

Q: Can Eezy Moly-B be mixed with crop protection products?

A: Yes, Eezy Moly-B is compatible with many crop protection products as a tank mix partner. The Andersons recommend a compatibility (jar) test before field mixing and application. Always read and follow all individual product labels before use. For more information, visit AndersonsPlantNutrient.com/Tank-Mix.

Application Information 

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For more information, reach out to a territory manager from The Andersons to learn more about our full line of tailor-made solutions.

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