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Power Pass Technology

Power Pass technology is a dual action patent-pending technology. It not only increases crop performance but also aids in enhancing storability for select low-salt starter fertilizers.

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DG Technology

Our patented dispersing granule (DG) technology has revolutionized nutrient delivery across multiple markets. Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG utilize this technology and represent the most efficient and biologically-advanced humic acid delivery system on the market today.

The power behind our line of Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG products is the patented dispersing granule (DG) technology, which enhances humate distribution.

Upon contact with water, each DG granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move directly into the plant zone and provide immediate benefits to the soil and plant.

SG Technology

Our Soluble Granule Technology is a unique, highly concentrated, water soluble granule formulation. Soluble granules are easy to use, and when combined with water or liquid fertilizer, they rapidly dissolve into a complete solution.

Soluble Granules have many advantages when compared to powders and liquids, including:

  • Clean and easy to handle, as compared to powders
  • Easy to mix and rapidly solubilize
  • Highly concentrated, which reduces both shipping and storage costs, when compared to liquid formulations
  • Eliminate the need to ship and store water
  • Can be applied through a variety of application equipment including sprayers, tank mixes, fertigation, injectors, drip irrigation and other liquid applicators

Slow Release Nitrogen

Slow release nitrogen helps to reduce environmental losses.

Applying your entire nitrogen program before planting is not the most ideal use of nitrogen. By splitting nitrogen applications, growers have the ability to manage risk before critical growth stages. Nitrogen undergoes volatilization and denitrification throughout the growing season, which leads to leaching and runoff.

Here are the benefits of slow release nitrogen technology:

  • Formulated as a triazone for improved crop safety
  • Extends nitrogen release for both soil and foliar applications
  • Encourages plant safety
  • Reduces nitrogen leaching
  • Reduces nitrogen volatilization

Consider a PureGrade SRN product to reduce these environmental losses and improve efficiency while maximizing yields.

Approved Tank Mix Partners

Learn more about The Andersons approved products for tank mixing with specific herbicides.

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