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First Pass®

First Pass® is an in-furrow starter liquid fertilizer specifically formulated to maximize soybean yields. For best results, use in a program with OverPass® 10-2-10, our premium soybean foliar. Download our product sheet to learn more. 

First Pass in-furrow starter features and benefits

  • Our low-salt stater is chloride free and has a near-neutral pH

  • 100% water soluble

  • 100% orthophosphate composition that provides early-season nutrients

  • Encourages early plant flowering and maturity

  • Promotes canopy development to suppress weeds


First Pass was tested in the 2023 research trials in South Dakota. At harvest, a 5.4 bu/ac increase was recorded when First Pass was applied in-furrow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is First Pass unique in the marketplace?

A: First Pass is a unique blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium acetate. We have also formulated manganese into the product specifically for your soybean crop.

Q: Why does First Pass include manganese?

A: Manganese improves germination and hastens maturity for earlier flowering. It also helps resist root and foliar diseases caused by fungi.

Q: Can First Pass be foliar applied?

A: Yes, not only is First Pass seed safe but it is also recommended for foliar application for better fertilizer efficiency.

Application information

table with application information of First Pass, a Diamond Grade liquid fertilizer

Learn more about in-furrow soybean starters

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