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Fulvic LQ™

Fulvic LQ is from The Andersons is a high purity organic fulvic acid. This formulation contains a high concentration of the measurable fulvic fraction of humic substances, helping plants to better realize their full genetic potential.

Fulvic LQ’s clearer color compared to other carbon substances enhances its user-friendliness and compatibility. Unique properties of the solution increase the bioavailability of the nutrients it accompanies in the tank, and drastically increase absorption into the plant.

Features and Benefits of Fulvic LQ

  • Enhances uptake of nutrients by increasing the permeability of cell membranes
  • Improves nutrient efficiency with strong early growth and plant vigor
  • Includes a pH buffering capacity in acidic and alkaline soils
  • Promotes overall soil and plant health, which results in increased yields

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What crops can Fulvic LQ be used on?

A: Fulvic LQ can be applied to all crops including row crops, fruits, vegetables, trees, vines, flowers, ornamentals, turf (including lawns, sod farms, commercial properties, athletic fields, golf greens, tees, and fairways), greenhouse plants, and other indoor crops.

Q: How does Fulvic LQ differ from other fulvic acid products?

A: Fulvic LQ is a consistently high-quality product. Its wide range of blending compatibility sets it apart from other fulvic acids

Q: What does Fulvic LQ add to the soil?

A: Fulvic LQ adds carbon, an essential element that helps stimulate beneficial microbes in soil. Fulvic LQ also has a high CEC, increasing its ability to complex minerals and nutrients in the soil.

Q: What is the fulvic acid content of Fulvic LQ?

A: Fulvic LQ is 4% fulvic acid by weight, depending upon the extraction by which it is tested. Fulvic LQ’s proprietary formulation has consistently performed well.

Q: When should Fulvic LQ be applied?

A: Fulvic LQ is flexible and can be used in nearly every field application, such as in-furrow, 2x2, sidedress or topdress with nitrogen solutions, foliar, and through irrigation.

Q: Can Fulvic LQ be mixed with crop protection products?

A: Yes, Fulvic LQ is compatible with many crop protection products as a tank mix partner. The Andersons recommend a compatibility (jar) test before field mixing and application. Always read and follow all individual product labels before use. For more information, visit AndersonsPlantNutrient.com/Tank-Mix.

Q: How should Fulvic LQ be mixed?

A: Fulvic LQ should be blended with water prior to any nutrient additions to the tank. The proper mixing order is water first, Fulvic LQ, and then fertilizer, micronutrients, or pesticide formulations over a wide range of pH values.

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Fulvic LQ Application Information

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