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GoldStart® 6-22-2

GoldStart® 6-22-2 from The Andersons is a low-salt, 80/20 ratio of ortho-to-polyphosphate liquid fertilizer in the PureGrade® product line. It is a 100% pure liquid fertilizer produced from the finest raw materials.

GoldStart 6-22-2 is completely seed safe for in-furrow placement, 2x2 banding, or can be foliar applied in corn, wheat, and soybeans.

GoldStart 6-22-2 Features and Benefits

  • A 100% water soluble and chloride-free liquid fertilizer

  • Created with a non-corrosive, trouble-free formula at a near-neutral pH

  • Responsive even in cold soils so crops emerge earlier and more uniform

  • Produces a higher quality and drier crop at harvest

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the orthophosphate content in GoldStart 6-22-2?

A:  GoldStart 6-22-2 is 80% orthophosphate and 20% polyphosphate. This allows seedlings to absorb the orthophosphate they need early and then utilize the polyphosphate a little later after it has broken down.

Q:  Am I able to apply GoldStart 6-22-2 directly on the seed without fear of germination damage?

A:  Yes, GoldStart 6-22-2 is designed to be applied directly on the seed without causing germination issues. Always follow the application rates on the label. Do not apply directly on the seed in saline, alkali, or coarse textured soils.

Q:  Can I add other nutrients to GoldStart 6-22-2?

A:  Yes, any EDTA micronutrients will easily blend with GoldStart 6-22-2 with agitation. Soil amendments such as humic acids and additional nutrients like sulfur and potassium may also be added. Always jar test before blending in a tank.

Q:  Can I mix GoldStart 6-22-2 with 28% or 32% UAN solution?

A:  No, due to the potassium and the high orthophosphate content in GoldStart 6-22-2, there can be stability issues if mixed with these nitrogen products.

Soil and Foliar Application

Learn More about PureGrade Liquid Fertilizers

PureGrade low-salt starters and foliars are field-proven, trouble-free, and seed safe. For more information on liquid fertilizers and crop nutrient solutions from The Andersons, contact your territory manager or your local dealer.

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