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Granular Micronutrient Solutions 

The Andersons offer two granular micronutrient products to add to your crop nutrition program — MicroMark® DG B and MicroMark® DG Humic. These products are designed with a blend of micronutrients created to optimize plant health and maximize your yield potential.  

Products in this line feature dry, dispersing granule (DG) technology, which delivers homogenous spherical granules with uniform density and analysis. MicroMark DG products can be applied at any point and disperse effortlessly once they encounter water for easy soil dispersion.  


a photo of the MicroMark DG Blitz product

MicroMark DG B is a granular micronutrient product featuring The Andersons Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. MicroMark DG B contains a unique blend of calcium, sulfur, boron, manganese, and zinc. This blend of nutrients was created to optimize overall plant health and maximize yields.

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A photo of the MicroMark DG Humic product

MicroMark DG Humic is an OMRI Listed granular micronutrient produced with DG technology and a unique blend of calcium, sulfur, manganese, and zinc. MicroMark DG Humic includes humic acid, which is a natural chelator of micronutrients and has been shown to improve soil health. 

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Features & Benefits of MicroMark DG Micronutrients 

  • Suitable for all crops, including row and specialty crops 
  • Features Dispersing Granule (DG) technology that is engineered with a uniform density and analysis, resulting in homogeneous spherical granules 
  • Dry applied for easy soil dispersion with application at any point  
  • Ideal for blending with granular nutrient applications such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 
  • Flexible application rates based on crop and soil tests  
  • MicroMark DG Humic is OMRI listed for organic use

Product FAQs

Q: How well do MicroMark DG products blend with dry fertilizer? 

A: Unlike others in the market, MicroMark DG products are engineered using our Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. This process ensures ease of blending with minimal granule degradation. While the spherical granules do disperse with water in the field, the granule hardness and shape allow for excellent blending in traditional dry fertilizer blending applications. 

Q: What are the benefits of Dispersing Granule Technology?  

A: Upon contact with water, each granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move through the soil system and into the root zone. This level of dispersibility delivers precise nutrient delivery while massively increasing the surface area of the micronutrients. The increase in surface area and dispersion of microparticles in the soil significantly improves micronutrient availability 

Q: How and when is the MicroMark DG product line applied in the field? 

A: MicroMark DG B and MicroMark DG Humic can be used in any application where dry fertilizer is used. These products can be used as a dry starter, dry broadcast, strip-till, or sidedress and can be used in a variety of crop applications including row, vegetables, horticulture, and fruits.  

Research Highlight - MicroMark DG Humic

In initial trials of MicroMark DG Humic, at-plant, banded surface application rates of both 5 and 10#/A., it offered the highest yield gains amongst six of the top dry granular competitors. The 5#/A. application offered yield gains of +7.2 Bu/A. with positive net returns of +$37.70/A. As rates climbed to 10#/A., MicroMark DG Humic offered yield gains of +17.4 Bu/A. with positive net returns of +$93.40/A. 


When compared to an untreated check, MicroMark DG Humic resulted in positive yield gains. In-furrow applications of MicroMark DG Humic in Ohio provided an average yield gain of 8.1 Bu/A. 

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