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Iron 4.5%

Iron 4.5% and Iron 4.5% (HEDTA) are fully chelated solutions of iron recommended for the prevention and correction of iron deficiency in all crops and use on all soil types. The preferred use is soil application to prevent the deficiency although it may also be used as a foliar spray for correction.

Features and benefits of EDTA and HEDTA chelated solutions

  • Prevents and corrects iron deficiencies in soil

  • Designed for use on all crops and in all liquid fertilizers and suspensions

  • Essential in many enzyme systems and respirations

For product-specific features and benefits, be sure to check out each product sheet.


Q:  Can Iron 4.5% or Iron 4.5% (HEDTA) be mixed with crop protection products?

A:  Yes, Iron 4.5%/Iron 4.5% (HEDTA) is compatible with many crop protection products as a tank mix partner. The Andersons recommend a compatibility (jar) test before field mixing and application. Always read and follow all individual product labels before use. For more information, visit AndersonsPlantNutrient.com/Tank-Mix.

Q:  Can I use EDTA or HEDTA-chelated micronutrients in both soil and foliar applications?

A:  Yes, producers report great results when they are used as soil or foliar nutrients.

Q:  Will EDTA or HEDT-chelated micronutrients work as part of a tank mix?

A:  Yes, EDTA or HEDTA-chelated micronutrients are the best micronutrients to use when tank-mixing nutrients and pesticides.

Q:  Can EDTA or HEDTA-chelated micronutrients be used with other products?

A:  EDTA or HEDTA chelated micronutrients should be compatible with fertilizer and crop protection chemistry in both soil and foliar applications. Always jar test for compatibility.

Iron 4.5% Application

Iron 4.5% (HEDTA) Application

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