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Korrect ® Plus Low Salt Foliar

Korrect Plus is a combination of a highly available, mild form of potassium, EDTA-chelated manganese, and a safe, effective source of boron. It is well suited for foliar feeding of all crops. It may also be soil applied. Since the pH is 7.5, there is little risk of burn to plant foliage.

Korrect Plus is a clear, true solution with no particle matter and mixes readily in water. It includes a natural organic carrier that enhances its receptivity by plants. The product contains no chlorides or ammonium forms of nitrogen.

Features and Benefits of Korrect Plus

  • A clear liquid that is a highly pure, clean, true solution 

  • No chlorides or ammonium (NH4)

  • Totally and immediately available to the plant

  • Natural organic carrier enhances receptivity by plants

  • Sets the stage for high yields and crop quality


In our 2023 research trials, Korrect Plus was tested in South Dakota as a starter for soybeans. At harvest, there was a 3.5 bu/ac yield increase where Korrect Plus was applied in-furrow at the 1-gallon rate.  

Low-salt foliar FAQs

Q: Can I mix Korrect Plus with starter fertilizer?

A: Yes, Korrect Plus works very well in a starter fertilizer where there is a lack of potassium for the crop.

Q: Should I be concerned about phytotoxicity?

A: No, Korrect Plus is a low-salt potassium with no chlorides.

Q: When should Korrect Plus be used on beans?

A: The first opportunity to use Korrect Plus is at first bloom, or about the third trifoliate, and can be applied in conjunction with an herbicide or insecticide. The second opportunity is at R1 with a fungicide.

Application information

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