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NutraLime® OP

NutraLime® OP Pelletized Limestone provides quick soil acidity adjustment and elemental calcium and magnesium for producing top yields in production agriculture. Proper pH provides the most efficient environment for nutrient uptake.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium pelletized dolomitic (hi-mag) limestone or pelletized calcitic (hi-cal) limestone
  • Provides quick soil pH adjustments
  • Neutralizes acidic soil in the application zone for optimal growing conditions
  • Can be blended with dry fertilizer
  • Increases nutrient availability and overall yields

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should NutraLime OP pelletized limestone be used?

A: NutraLime OP can be applied any time that conventional dry fertilizer is applied. Early spring and fall applications are most common and will give adequate time for NutraLime to optimize the soil.

Q: What is NutraLime OP pelletized limestone used for?

A: NutraLime OP is used to neutralize the pH of the soil and also provides calcium and magnesium, which are essential nutrients for plant health.

Q: How is NutraLime OP pelletized limestone different from other products?

A: NutraLime OP is first ground down to a fine powder, then granulated into a fertilizer-sized granule. The granules are held together with a water-soluble binder that allows the product to disperse back into powder when contacted with water (rain, irrigation, dew) after the product is applied. This allows the product to begin to modify the soil pH levels within two weeks.

How to Apply NutraLime OP

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