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NutraSoft® OP

NutraSoft OP is a high-quality material mined from natural deposits. It is ground to a flour-like powder, then granulated into pellets. On contact with moisture, the pellets disperse and release calcium and sulfur into the soil. 

Product Features and Benefits 

  • An all-natural, high-quality mined material that delivers calcium and sulfate sulfur to crops with neutral pH
  • Helps loosen compacted soils quickly to decrease nitrate and phosphate runoff while increasing drainage in conventional and no-till soils
  • Promotes healthy root growth and seed emergence
  • Decreases the toxic effect of soil salinity and improves water efficiency
  • Works to help balance calcium:magnesium ratio
  • Minimizes heavy metal toxicity and improves overall yield

NutraSoft OP FAQs

Q: What is NutraSoft OP pelletized gypsum used for?

A: NutraSoft OP will loosen hard-packed and heavy clay soils, allowing for better root growth and water penetration and retention. It is an effective conditioner for soils with high sodium content, as it will remove harmful salts that prevent seed germination and are harmful to plant growth

Q: When should NutraSoft OP pelletized gypsum be used?

A: NutraSoft OP can be applied any time conventional dry fertilizer is applied. Early spring and fall applications are most common and will give adequate time for the NutraSoft OP to begin to condition the soil. The production process of NutraSoft OP allows it to begin working quickly; it is first ground down to a fine powder, then granulated into a fertilizer sized granule. The granules are held together with a water-soluble binder that allows the product to disperse back into powder when contacted with water (rain, irrigation, dew) after the product is applied.

Q: Will NutraSoft OP pelletized gypsum modify the pH of the soil?

A: NutraSoft OP is a pH-neutral product (it will neither raise nor lower soil pH levels). If existing soil pH levels are alkaline, neutral, or acidic, NutraSoft OP will not have any significant effect on soil pH.

Application Information

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