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Over Pass 10-2-10

Over Pass 10-2-10 contains slow-release nitrogen to extend absorption and minimize any leaf interaction from the application of nitrogen. For best results, use in a program with a PureGrade low-salt starter.

Features & Benefits of Over Pass 10-2-10

  • Contains boron and manganese
  • Aids the plant during the stressful reproductive stage
  • Provides nitrogen, potassium, and manganese to help the plant retain blooms, thereby setting the plant up for higher yields
  • Enhances the utilization of nitrogen with the addition of boron
  • Provides 10-14 days of nitrogen feeding

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need slow-release nitrogen?
A: Splitting up your nitrogen application reduces environmental losses and improves efficiency while maximizing yield. Over Pass 10-2-10 contains 25% slow release nitrogen to help increase these efficiencies.

Q: How do I apply Over Pass 10-2-10?
A: Over Pass 10-2-10 is recommended for foliar application on most common field and row crops. Based on nitrogen requirements, Over Pass 10-2-10 can be soil applied once before planting or early sidedress.

Q: At what rates do I foliar apply Over Pass 10-2-10?
A: The recommended foliar application rates for Over Pass 10-2-10 are 4-8 quarts per acre. Soil application rates are based on nitrogen requirements.

Q: Why do I need a boron source?
A: Over Pass 10-2-10 provides a 0.5% boron source. Boron is important in plant development and proper maturity. Over Pass 10-2-10 also contains manganese which is essential for photosynthesis and helps improve tolerance to drought and heat stress.

Q: Can Over Pass 10-2-10 be mixed with crop protection products?
A: Yes. Over Pass 10-2-10 is compatible with many crop protection products as a tank mix partner. The Andersons recommends a compatibility (jar) test before field mixing and application. Always read and follow all individual product labels before use.





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