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Premium 7-29-5

Premium 7-29-5 is an economical low-salt fertilizer solution in the Premium line of crop nutrition products from The Andersons. It is formulated to deliver a 50/50 ratio of ortho-to-polyphosphate for early season activation.

Premium 7-29-5 mixes well with nitrogen, micronutrients, and other crop protection chemicals. It can be safely placed in-furrow near the seed at planting and can also be foliar applied later in the growing season. For more information on how it mixes with your crop nutrition and protection program, please consult an agronomist. 

Features and Benefits

  • Created with a low-salt, chloride-free formula that is 100% water soluble and has a near-neutral pH

  • Features a non-corrosive and trouble-free formula with versatile application

  • Designed with a formula to be environmentally friendly and improve yields

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Premium blend composed of?

A:  Premium 7-29-5 is a 50/50 ratio of orthophosphate-to-polyphosphate for early season activation.

Q:  What is the salt index of Premium 7-29-5?

A:  Premium 7-29-5 has a salt index of 15.7.

Q:  How should I apply Premium 7-29-5?

A:  Premium 7-29-5 can be applied by banding near the seed row, in-furrow, surface dribble, strip-till, or irrigation.

Q:  Can I mix pesticides with Premium 7-29-5?

A:  Yes, Premium 7-29-5 mixes well with nitrogen, micronutrients, and most common crop protection chemicals.

Application Information

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At The Andersons, we strive to provide the best quality liquid fertilizers in North America as critical components in growers’ crop nutrition and fertility programs. Our low-salt starters and foliars are designed to fit various needs and applications across crops and the growing season.

Our team is happy to answer any questions or inquiries about our products. Please use this link and fill out our form. We will be in touch soon. 

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