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Apply Season Pass® with MicroCarb® or Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb this spring for increased yields in the fall. Both formulations of Season Pass incorporate MicroCarb, one of our most popular and proven MicroSolutions® products. With the addition of carbon and other essential nutrients to Season Pass and Season Pass Plus, these formulations are ideal for application on or near the seed of the corn plant. The addition of carbon increases soil cation exchange capacity, improving nutrient availability. Season Pass with MicroCarb and Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb encourage quicker crop emergence, growth, crop maturity, and dry down.


Organic carbon sources prolong nitrogen, phosphate, and micronutrient efficiency, stimulate root growth, feed beneficial soil organisms, and increase organic matter. The source of carbon provided in this product provides the highest CEC of carbon substances for maximum nutrient delivery.


The below trials were conducted in 2022 and 2023 in Nebraska. Season Pass with MicroCarb was applied at a 5 gal/acre rate. The treatment resulted in a 10.08bu/ac increase in 2022 and 7.09 bu/ac increase in 2023.



Season Pass with MicroCarb and Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb are available in both Diamond (100% orthophosphate) and GoldStart® (80/20 ortho/polyphosphate) grades.

Season Pass with MicroCarb Diamond
6-18-6 + 1.0 S, 0.05 Zn
Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb Diamond
6-18-6 + 1.0 S, 0.46 Zn
Season Pass with MicroCarb GoldStart
6-18-6 + 1.0 S, 0.05 Zn
Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb GoldStart
6-18-6 + 1.0 S, 0.46 Zn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What differentiates Season Pass with MicroCarb from Season Pass with AVAIL®?
A: Season Pass with MicroCarb offers the addition of fulvic acid and micronutrients to increase nutrient uptake efficiency. Season Pass with AVAIL features AVAIL technology, helping to reduce the soil fixation of applied phosphorus.

Q: What is the difference between Season Pass with MicroCarb and Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb?
A: The amount of EDTA chelated zinc varies between the two products. Season Pass with MicroCarb contains 0.05 zinc. Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb contains 0.46 zinc.

Q: Can Season Pass with MicroCarb be foliar applied?
A: Season Pass with MicroCarb is not limited to starter applications, it is also effective as a foliar fertilizer. Season Pass with MicroCarb is efficient at delivering nutrients into the plant through leaf tissue without danger of burn.

Q: Can I mix liquid nitrogen with Season Pass with MicroCarb to increase the nitrogen content?
A: No, do not add liquid nitrogen to Season Pass products or any product placed with the seed. The salt content will be too high and could damage the seed when placed in-furrow.                

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