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Super 72® Slow-Release Nitrogen

Super 72 is 28% liquid nitrogen with 72% of its nitrogen in a slow-release form for field and row crops, as well as fruits and nuts. This product features increased crop safety and increased nitrogen absorption, translocation, and remobilization. The estimated release pattern is 25-30 days for improved efficiency. 

Features and Benefits

  • Formulated as a triazone for improved crop safety

  • 72% of nitrogen is in slow-release form

  • Extends nitrogen release for foliar applications

  • Encourages plant safety

  • Reduces nitrogen leaching

  • Reduces nitrogen volatilization

Slow-release nitrogen FAQs

Q: Why do I need slow-release nitrogen?

A: Splitting nitrogen applications reduces environmental losses and improves efficiency while maximizing yield.

Q: How do I apply Super 72?

A: Super 72 is recommended for foliar application on most common field and row crops.

Q: At what rates do I apply Super 72?

A: The foliar application recommended rates for Super 72 are 1-3 gallons.

Information for application

For more information and pricing 

Reach out to your territory manager today to learn more about Super 72 and our full line of slow-release nitrogen plant nutrients.

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