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UltraMate® Zn

UltraMate Zn is a sulfonated potassium humate liquid with the additional benefits of zinc. It completely mixes when added directly to liquid fertilizer, micronutrient, or pesticide formulations over a wide range of pH values. UltraMate Zn allows plants to utilize N, K, Zn, and other micronutrients more efficiently, reducing leaching and improving soil structure.

UltraMate Liquid Humate Features & Benefits

  • Stabilizes nitrogen, reducing volatility while increasing utilization of nutrients that it is tank-mixed with
  • Promotes phosphorus utilization and decreases leaching
  • Provides zinc to growing plants for a longer period
  • Provides up-front availability of humic acid and zinc


In 2023 UltraMate Zn was tested in Nebraska and a 16.61 bu/ac yield increase was seen at harvest. This plot was inmpacted by severe drought conditions during the summer months. The addition of zinc stimulated root growth, allowing the roots to grow deeper in the soil profile to source much needed moisture. The humic acid in UltraMate Zn allowed the plant to utilize nitrogen more efficiently by reducing leaching and improving soil structure.

Product FAQs

Q: How does UltraMate Zn liquid humate differ from other humic acid products?

A: UltraMate Zn incorporates the benefits of both high-quality humic acid and zinc. The sulfonation of the humic allows for easy tank mixing, increased activity in low pH soils, and stability in storage when mixed. UltraMate Zn also delivers zinc, which is essential for many critical plant functions.

Q: On what crops can UltraMate Zn liquid humate be used?

A: UltraMate Zn liquid humate can be applied to all crops including row crops, fruits, vegetables, trees, vines, flowers, ornamentals, turf (including lawns, sod farms, commercial properties, athletic fields, golf greens, tees, and fairways), greenhouse plants, and other indoor crops.

Q: What is the analysis of UltraMate Zn?

A: The analysis of UltraMate Zn is 3-0-2 + 1.0 S and 3.75 Zn containing 12% humic acid. Humic acid is a sulfonated potassium humate derived from leonardite.

Q: When should UltraMate Zn liquid humate be applied?

A: UltraMate Zn is recommended for sidedress application. UltraMate Zn is also safe with 2x2 placed starter.

Q: What is the role of zinc in UltraMate Zn?

A: Zinc is an essential micronutrient responsible for a variety of functions in the plant, including protein synthesis, seed and grain formation, plant maturity, growth regulation, and the formation of enzyme systems.

Q: What is the purpose of carbon in UltraMate Zn?

A: Carbon is an essential element that stimulates beneficial microbes in soils. As a liquid humic, this solution improves the efficiency of applied macro- and micronutrients in the plant, and its humic acid can help reduce soil salinity.

Application Information

UltraMate Zn application rates and frequency are dependent on soil and climate conditions. The typical application rates for corn are:

  • 2x2 placed starter: 10-15 gallons of UAN/10-34-0/ATS with 1.0-1.5 gallons UltraMate Zn/acre
  • Sidedress: 20-50 gallons of UAN with 1.0-3.0 gallons UltraMate Zn/acre
  • Weed & Feed application: UAN with 1.0-2.0 gallons UltraMate Zn/acre
  • Wheat topdress application: 1-2 gal/ac added to the UAN solution

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