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UltraMate® LQ

Today’s farmer has asked for convenient and flexible tools to increase nutrient efficiency, promote environmental stewardship, and improve economic return on starters, sidedress, and other applications for their crops. The Andersons UltraMate® LQ, a 12% sulfonated potassium humate liquid, is the answer to all three.

UltraMate® LQ liquid humate, derived from leonardite, is a sulfonated potassium formulation. It allows plants to utilize applied N, P, and micronutrients more efficiently, reducing leaching and improving soil structure. UltraMate LQ forms a complete solution when added directly to liquid fertilizer, micronutrient, or pesticide formulations over a wide range of pH values. It is highly compatible, allowing application methods including tank mixing and drip irrigation, which are often unacceptable for conventional humic products.


UltraMate LQ is a combination of humic and fulvic acid, which aids in nutrient delivery into the crop. These characteristics make UltraMate LQ perfectly suited for 2x2 starter applications, sidedress, weed ‘n feed, and residue management applications.


In 2020, third-party trials observed yield increases of up to 23.8 bushels per acre when UltraMate LQ was added to UAN at sidedress.

The Andersons conducts research trials to put our products to the test. UltraMate LQ has been tested for many years in different applications.

In the above trial, UltraMate LQ was applied at a rate of 1gal/ac with 19-17-0 in a 2x2 placement at planting. The application of UltraMate resulted in an average yield increase of 4.7 bu/ac between trial sites in Ohio and Nebraska.

In the Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) trials, UltraMate LQ was applied at a rate of 1gal/ac with UAN at sidedress in Iowa and Illinois. At harvest, the treatment yielded a 7.9bu/ac increase compared to UAN alone. This yield increase resulted in a $24.12 return on investment.


2x2 placed starter: Apply 1.0-1.5 gallons/A of UltraMate LQ with 10-15 gallons of UAN, 10-34-0, or ATS

Sidedress: Apply 1.0-3.0 gallons/A of UltraMate LQ with 20-50 gallons of UAN

Weed & feed: Apply 0.5-1.0 gallons/A of UltraMate LQ with UAN

Residue management: Apply 1 gal/A of UltraMate LQ. May be mixed with 3 gal/A of UAN 28%.

UltraMate LQ:



Now Available: UltraMate® Zn

UltraMate Zn incorporates the benefits of both high-quality humic acid and zinc in forms available to the plant. Zinc is an essential micronutrient responsible for a variety of functions in the plant, including protein synthesis, seed and grain formation, plant maturity, growth regulation, and the formation of enzyme systems.



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