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Stalk degradation is an essential part of field management. The Andersons Bio Reverse is a robust microbial package designed to significantly reduce residue stubble prior to the next cropping season. The unique, tough and stable formulation has been designed to compost and break down residue to improve seed-to-soil contact, help reduce planter or tire damage from tough crop stalks and reverse nutrient tie up in crop residue to provide more available nutrients prior to your next season’s planting.

Bio Reverse was applied to wheat straw stubble and the nutrient value of rainwater was collected. The Bio Reverse treatment had significant residue breakdown, releasing ten times more nutrients compared to the untreated check.

The corn stalks on the right were treated with 1 pt/acre of Bio Reverse in the fall post-harvest. The stalks treated with Bio Reverse had more residue breakdown compared to the untreated check on the left the following spring.

A research site in Wisconsin applied Bio Reverse in the fall after harvest. A significant difference in residue breakdown was observed where Bio Reverse was applied compared to the untreated check. Below are side-by-side photos showcasing the comparison. When looking at the amount of residue breakdown, remember, more breakdown equals more nutrients released into the system. The researcher also noted taller plants earlier in the season where Bio Reverse was applied.



Bio Reverse may be applied with fall herbicides, mixed with liquid fertilizers, impregnated on dry fertilizers, included in pivot irrigation, or sprayed with any other carriers that may be applied in the spring or fall. 


Reach out to your Territory Manager from The Andersons or local authorized dealer to learn more about Bio Reverse.  

© 2021 The Andersons logo is a registered trademark of The Andersons, Inc. Bio Reverse is a trademark of The Andersons, Inc. 

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