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It takes time for the soil to naturally mineralize nutrients and make them available to the crop. This process happens quicker in soils that are high in organic matter compared to soils with lower organic matter. The process of mineralization can be sped up with the introduction of microbial populations into the soil system. Microorganisms speed up the process of mineralization by digesting nutrients and releasing them in an available form to the crop.

Maximize fertility investments by applying microorganisms in combination with a high orthophosphate starter.


Bio Pass™ is a robust microbial package specifically designed to work in synergy with your liquid starter fertilizer program for corn and wheat. Bio Pass’s specialized blend of bacteria works in the soil to kick-off seedlings’ early season growth while enhancing the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential nutrients throughout the season.

Applying Bio Pass with a PureGrade® starter such as Season Pass® with MicroCarb® is efficient, trouble-free and provides a positive ROI.


For soybean and other legume production, apply Bio Pass LG, a blend of bacteria and mycorrhiza that work together to promote nodulation production, while improving the rhizosphere around the root zone. Bio Pass LG can fit into any soybean and legume management program easily and effectively.


  • Improve nutrient mineralization
  • Improve seedling germination and emergence
  • Designed to be tank mix-compatible with liquid fertilizers
  • Formulated for stability
  • Easy to apply and handle
  • Contain a powerful consortium of proprietary microbes


Q: Why is there a microbial package for corn and wheat, and another for legumes?
A: The microbial strains in Bio Pass and Bio Pass LG differ to accommodate for the varying needs of these crops. Each product contains eight strains of microbials, with these microbials serving a unique purpose for the specific crop. 

Q: Are Bio Pass and Bio Pass LG easy to mix with my liquid application?
A: Yes, The Andersons scientists spent significant time and resources to design Bio Pass and Bio Pass LG so they would easily mix with liquid applications. The microbials in Bio Pass and Bio Pass LG are dispersed equally throughout the liquid solutions to ensure uniform applications from start to finish.


In a greenhouse study, the treatment with PureGrade® liquid fertilizer and Bio Pass emerged 5 days earlier and more uniform than the starter alone.

When Bio Pass is added to the liquid starter fertilizer, the average root mass of the plants (left) were more robust, and the plants had an average dry plant mass that was double the mass of the starter alone (right). This photo was taken 15 days after emergence.


The above trials were conducted in 2020 in Ohio and Nebraska. In both trials, Bio Pass was applied at a rate of 1 pint/acre with Season Pass with MicroCarb at 5 gallons/acre. The treatment resulted in a 17.1 and 13.18 bushel/acre increase respectively.

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