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Top 10 reasons to add Bio Pass to your liquid starter fertilizer

Posted on December 17, 2020

The Andersons Bio Pass is a top 10 finalist for The Scoop’s (formerly known as Ag Professional) 2020 New Product of the Year! To celebrate, we’ve compiled the top 10 reasons to add Bio Pass to your liquid starter fertilizer program!

1. Bio Pass microbes improve soil function and plant root health by colonizing around the entire rootzone of a crop. 

2. Bio Pass microbes release important enzymes that convert and release insoluble nutrients and minerals into soluble plant-available forms. 

3. Bio Pass microbes accelerate plant nutrient uptake from the soil and direct into the growing roots. 

4. Bio Pass microbes release organic acids that loosen and release important elements and nutrients that are generally stuck within hard and rock forms in the soil. 

5. Bio Pass microbes work synergistically with mycorrhizal fungi in the root tips for optimal plant nutrient, sugar and water uptake. 

6. Bio Pass microbes significantly boost nitrogen and phosphorous uptake, especially during the critical growth stages of the plant. 

7. Bio Pass microbes can significantly improve your yield opportunities by providing larger volumes of nutrients, ions and minerals into the plant throughout the season. 

8. Bio Pass microbes are synergistic partners with crop fertility inputs like starter fertilizers by helping quickly and effectively shuttle them into the roots and making them more bioavailable. 

9. Bio Pass microbes substantially decrease plant stress caused by environmental factors like drought, salinity, pH and pests. 

10. Bio Pass microbes can decrease soil compaction and improve water and air channeling into and throughout the rootzone over time. 


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© 2020 The Andersons, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bio Pass is a trademark of The Andersons, Inc. 

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