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Humic DG™

Humic DG granules contain 70% humic acid and 10% humic acid precursor. DG technology creates a dust-free, spherical, ultra-dry particle that rapidly disperses into thousands of microparticles upon contact with moisture.

The increased surface area of Humic DG granules creates greater availability to the plant. It performs in various conditions and soil types, independent of application method, and features dual carbon sources unique to The Andersons' granular humic products. Humic DG contains the full spectrum of humic substances: fulvic acid, humic acid, and humin, as well as humic acid precursor.

Features and Benefits

  • 4X more efficient than screened humate
  • Enhances nitrogen and phosphorus efficiency
  • Promotes good soil structure and increases water-holding capacity
  • Enhances root system development
  • Easy to handle and spread through all types of application equipment
  • Flexible application allows for use as a stand-alone product or   in blends with granular fertilizers
  • Economical application cost per acre compared to liquid and screened humates

Humic DG Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What crop types benefit from an application of Humic DG granules?

A: All crops, including broadacre crops, trees and soft fruits, vegetables, vine crops, and nursery/greenhouse soils, benefit from Humic DG granules. Research has shown average yield increases of 5-10 bushels per acre of corn and 2-7 bushels per acre of soybeans.

Q: When, and at what rate, should Humic DG granules be applied?

A: Humic DG granules can be applied whenever nutrients are applied, or with specific growth stages of the crop. Application rates vary from 5 to 40 pounds per acre (see reverse for specific rates). A program approach is most effective.

Q:  What nutrients do Humic DG granules provide?

A: Humic DG granules provide dual sources of carbon, an essential element. Water soluble (available) carbon provides a “bridge” in soils with low humus content by providing a food source (carbon) for beneficial microbes. The humic makeup of Humic DG granules improves the efficiency of applied nutrients and unlocks tied-up macronutrients in the soil. It can also reduce soil salinity.

Q: How does the humic acid content of Humic DG granules compare to other liquid and dry humic acid products?

A: As a granular soil amendment with 70% humic acid (A&L method), Humic DG granules compare favorably to dry, granular, and powdered humic acid products. Humic acid is more effective in the soil than most of the competitive products due to the self-incorporating microparticles that provide greater surface area for soil activity and contain all three humic fractions.

Q: Can Humic DG be considered for organic or sustainable agriculture?

A: Yes, Humic DG is a great fit for organic and sustainable agriculture. It is OMRI Listed and OIM Certified in California.

Q: How does humic acid affect nitrogen volatilization?

A: The high reactivity of humic acid retains the nitrogen in the ammonium form, preventing it from volatilizing to ammonia and not being utilized by the plant.

Q: Do humic acids influence phosphorus activity in the soil?

A: Yes, increased phosphorus availability has been observed in academic studies. Humic acid impacts both short-term and long-term phosphorus availability.

Application Information

Humic DG application rates and frequency are dependent upon soil and climate conditions.

The typical application rates for corn applications are:

  • In-furrow (strip-till or air drill with fertilizer): 4-10 lbs Humic DG/acre
  • 2x2 with urea: 4-10 lbs Humic DG/acre
  • Sidedress: 45-90 lbs of urea with 10-20 lbs Humic DG/acre
  • Broadcast with urea or ammonium sulfate: 10-20 lbs Humic DG/acre 

Available in 40 lb bags, 2000 lb totes, or bulk.

Humic Solutions from The Andersons 

Our humate-based soil amendments, including UltraMate® LQ, K-Mate SG™, Humic DG™, and Black Gypsum DG®, represent the latest in humic acid nutrient delivery. We offer a complete line of technologically advanced, easy-to-handle products superior to others on the market today.

For more information on our complete range of humic-based products, visit AndersonsHumates.com. Reach out to your territory manager with any questions. 

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