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Product Storage

Our wholesale facilities blend and package both dry and liquid products in a variety of sizes.

Dry Services

  • Overhead Tower - High-Speed Loading
  • Bulk Blends*
  • Bagged Blends*
  • Bagged Blends* Pickup Point*
  • Blends with AVAIL or NutriSphere-N

Liquid Services

  • Unattended 24/7 Loadout
  • Bulk Blends*
  • Blends with AVAIL or NutriSphere-N*

*Contact us for specific analyses/availability.

Custom Application

Custom Dry Application
(services may vary by location)

  • Custom dry spreading
  • Lime - variable rate dry application

Custom Liquid Application

  • Floater
  • Post
  • High clearance

Other Application Services

  • Variable rate applicators
  • Variable rate lime
  • Seed treatment available at facility
  • Mobile seed treatment
  • Custom aerial spraying available through a third party, depending on location


We offer rentals of a number of machines/wagons throughout our assortment of fleets. Pricing and rental units differ by location.

  • Dry fertilizer cart rental
  • Liquid fertilizer nurse wagon
  • 28% liquid sidedress
  • Lawn sprayer and spreaders
  • Poly wagons
  • Dry spreaders
  • 28 % side dress applicators

Speak with a Sales Representative at any of our Farm Centers. We would be more than happy to assist you in any custom application needs/questions you have!

Soil Management

Our Soil Management Program is an all encompassing sample, analysis, and application service.

We drive the boundaries, create the zones, and make recommendations while working with you to ensure proper nutrient application that works for both you and your fields.

The Steps

  • Boundary is driven and management zones created from soil type map
  • Samples pulled and sent to lab for analysis
  • Recommendations are made, consultation with the grower, and products are applied (by variable rate) to field

How We Manage Your Soil

  • Field boundaries
  • Soil types
  • Management zones
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil analysis
  • Custom recommendations
  • Grower consultation
  • Variable rate application

Vertex Logo

VERTEX is a package of different services designed to integrate technology, experience, and best management practices to improve farm production.

GPS Soil Sampling

Management zone sampling
Management zones created by:

  • Soil Type maps
  • Harvest maps
  • Other maps
  • Combinations of above

Fertilizer Recommendations

  • Generated for all major nutrients
  • Can incorporate variable yield goals based on individual fields, management zones and harvest maps

Variable Rate Maps
Created for fertilizer applications and seeding rates

Data Management and Processing
Use of as-applied data and yield maps to extract data that can be used to make management decisions

Other As-Applied Data

  • Seeding rate information
  • Fertilizer rate information
  • Pesticide rate information

Available Reports

  • Yield by soil type by variety
  • Yield by variety by seeding rate
  • Yield by soil rest values
  • Yield by crop protection product
  • Yield by applied fertilizer
  • Yield stability maps
  • Others

Soil Type Layer
Data imported into the software

As-Applied Planter Data
(can handle split planter data)

Data recorded by the planter:

  • Hybrid/variety
  • Company
  • Seeding rate, etc.

Other Services

Below is a list of some of the additional services our Farm Center locations offer. These services may vary by location.

  • Financing programs
  • Liquid side dress applicators
  • Bulk seed delivery
  • Bulk fertilizer delivery – liquid and dry
  • Soybean seed treating
  • Plant tissue testing
  • Crop consulting and scouting
  • Precision ag services
  • Variable rate dry fertilizer applications
  • Variable rate lime applications
  • Variable rate liquid side dresser  
  • Soil testing by soil type/management zones
  • NDVI mapping
  • VRT crop recommendations
  • Evaluation of yield data by varieties, management zones or management practices
  • Data collection
  • Nutrient plan and recommendations
  • Independent aerial application available
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