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From formulation and blending to packaging, marketing and everything in between, count on us as your partner in helping to move your product from concept to market. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let our experts customize something just for you!

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If you don’t see your question(s) answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us – our customer service team is here to help!

How do I choose the right Andersons Cob product?
Choosing the right product is all about your particular application. Our applications page is a good place to start.

What is your manufacturing process?
For more information on our manufacturing process, click here to download a brochure.

Are Andersons Cob Products safe?
Yes. Our products are all-natural, environmentally-friendly products made from corncobs, and are a renewable biomass resource.

Do Andersons Cob Products produce a lot of dust?
Our products are virtually dust-free and are very resistant to attrition or breakdown on use.

Do Andersons Cob Products contain any silica?
No. Our products are silica-free. In fact, our products all carry the USDA bio-preferred label.

Do Andersons Cob Products products require special storage?
No, but they should be stored in a clean dry place, as excessive moisture could affect performance.

Are Andersons Cob Products likely to ignite?
No. Our products are non-sparking, but will burn when exposed to flame or very high temperatures.