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Product Support

Does your study require irradiated bedding or enrichment? How about product available in autoclavable and bulk bags? Count on The Andersons to provide your study with the products and services you need.

Irradiation & Sterility Testing

Our irradiation process is handled by a third party irraditaion company, which runs the product through a gamma irradiation sterilization process. All irradiated cob products are also subject to sterility testing from an additional outside lab, a process unmatched by others in the industry.

Our patented 1.25 cubic foot "bag within a bag" maintains product integrity throughout transportation and storage.

How do I know if my irradiated product has really been irradiated? There is an "intelligent chromatics" label that changes color from yellow to red when exposed to radiation.

The vast majority of our products are available irradiated, from 1/4" Bed-o'Cobs to Surgical Suite Pads. Visit our products page for more information.


A select few of our products are also available certified irradiated. In addition to the gamma irradiation and sterility testing our standard irradiated products undergo, certified irradiated products are also subjected to heavy metals and pesticide residue third party testing.

To find out if your product is available certified, contact us today.

Available in Autoclavable Packaging

Are you interested in some of our products, but need to assure they can later be autoclaved? Our autoclavable bag, available on most of our product line, will allow you to do just that.

Our autoclavable bag is designed to withstand the tough conditions of the autoclave process. With glue capable of withstanding temperatures up to 450 degrees, the over-sized bag allows for expansion, while the vents allow air to escape from the bag during the autoclave process.

Our autoclavable bag must be requested with your order.

For more information on which products are available in an autoclaved bag, visit our products page.

Bulk Bags

Our bulk bags, filled at our Delphi, Indiana facility, are available in two sizes for your convenience:

  • 27 cu ft - 36" x 36" x 36"
  • 37.5 cu ft - 36" x 36" x 50"

Bulk bags are not available on all products. Visit our products page to learn more.