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A Nature-Like Nest From Day One.

Portion Controlled and Easy to Dispense

Available in 4 gram and 8 gram sizes, Bed-r’Nest is a portion-controlled, easy-to-dispense enrichment and nesting material.

Precision Manufacturing

Bed-r’Nest is produced in an FDA-approved facility, on multiple production lines. A precision manufacturing process and strict quality control measures help ensure a consistently-portioned, virtually dust-free product.

Labor Savings

As a portion-controlled, easy-to-dispense enrichment and nesting solution, Bed-r’Nest eliminates the difficulties associated with the handling and portioning of bulk nesting material.

With no pulling, tearing or prepping required, Bed-r’Nest can be removed from packaging and immediately dispensed into cages.

Consistent, Predictable Cost Per Cage

Bed-r’Nest provides a consistent amount of enrichment and nesting material, so you can count on a predictable cost per cage, every time.

Enhanced Cage Environment

Bed-r’Nest is designed to resemble the thin strands of grass and other materials mice instinctively use to build nests in nature. With no outer shell or other material to work through, mice have immediate access to enrichment and nesting material.

Bed-r’Nest also aids mice in thermoregulation, promoting less stress in the animals and, ultimately, better research.

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