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1/4″ Bed-o’Cobs + Enrich-n’Nest
= 1 Premium Enrichment Bedding

Exceptional Bedding

  • With the addition of Enrich-n’Nest’s paper rolls, this blend provides the base for animal housing
  • Promotes healthy animal activity
  • Caters to the animals’ natural nesting and shelter-building instincts
  • Addresses thermoregulation concerns

Superior Absorbency

  • Bed-o’Cobs delivers excellent bottom-up absorption
  • Promotes a healthy, clean environment

Excellent Odor Control

  • Bed-o’Cobs is proven to encapsulate odor-causing animal urea
  • Neutralizes the smell of ammonia through cob’s natural cell properties

Cost Savings

Requires less frequent cage changes, resulting in reduced labor and disposal costs.

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