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Better By Design

Advanced Technology

Created using improved technology and an advanced manufacturing process, Pure-o’Cel truly is “better by design,” allowing for higher absorbency with less bedding. Utilizing a vacuum dust removal system during manufacturing creates a pure, virtually dust-free product.

More Absorption per Square

Larger square size provides 75% more surface area than competitive squares, allowing for higher absorbency.

Dust-Free Performance

Virtually dust-free performance means Pure-o’Cel helps avoid clogging equipment.

Softer squares allow for less in-cage dust from animal movements and friction, which is ideal for nude/hairless mice.

Consistent and Reliable

Filled by volume, each bag of Pure-o’Cel provides a consistent number of cage fills each and every time, simplifying inventory management.

Bright White Color

Animal discharges are instantly noticed on the virgin, white paper, allowing for quick health checks.

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