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Portion Controlled and Easy to Dispense

  • Ensures portion-controlled distribution of enrichment material, helping to keep per diem costs on track. Material may be transferrable at cage change, providing habitat acclimation for animals and further reducing overall costs. With no pulling, tearing or prepping required, Shred-n’Rich can be removed from packaging and immediately dispensed into cages.

Superior Absorbency

  • Absorbs seven times its own weight of aqueous liquids

Enhanced Cage Environment

  • Shred-n’Rich provides the perfect environmental, physical and mental stimulant for rodents and burrowing animals.

Bright White and Dust-Free

  • The bright white color aids in post-operative or toxicology observations. As a virtually dust-free product, Shred-n’Rich is perfect for use with nude mice and avoids clogging.

Available Options

  • Shred-n’Rich is available irradiated or non-irradiated. Certified product and its documentation is available as a value added option. This product can be autoclaved in-situ or in bulk.

Product Purity

  • Shred-n’Rich is made from a highly absorbent material that is used in a variety of FDA regulated industries including Food Packaging.

Product Specifications and Packaging

  • Shred-n’Rich is priced competitively and sold by the case.

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