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Agronomy Alert: Soybean Aphids Spotted!

Posted by Dave Dyson, Agronomist on August 07, 2020

Soybean aphids were spotted in a field just east of Waterloo, IN, at the end of July. It was noted that many of the insects had wings, leading Agronomist Dave Dyson to believe they may have just flown into the area. That area recently experienced storms moving in from the northwest, the traditional home ground to aphids. Those soybeans are now entering the R3 stage. During the R3-R5 stage, stress from nutritional deficiencies, disease, or insects needs to be limited. Applying an organophosphate insecticide is the best course of action because these insects live under the leaves, and the fumigation properties of the organophosphate offer excellent control.  

Soybean aphids are born pregnant, and the population can skyrocket within days of initial infestation. The soybean aphid has a needle-like mouth part, so leaf tissue will not be noticeably damaged. Lower leaves may turn black from mold growing on the aphids honeydew (secretions).The economic threshold is more than 250 aphids per plant up to and including soybean stage R5. When applying your insecticide consider including Over Pass® SF at a rate of 1gal/ac as part of your carrier to help provide a late-season source of nutrients. 


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