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May Organics Update

Posted by Sierra Dice, Organic Agronomy Consultant on May 09, 2022

As we move into May during a delayed planting season, a good topic of discussion is your organic starter options. Whether you are using liquid starter or dry, these nutrients are important to ensure a successful 2022 crop season. Even as we move into warmer weather, starter fertilizers still impact yield retention in a few ways. When these products are applied, we promote even crop emergence, increase population, and achieve larger root masses to enhance nutrient uptake.

If you are set up for liquid starter, consider The Andersons new PureStart® 2-9-3 that can be placed in-furrow or 2x2. This product pairs well with Fulvic LQ™ to provide a food source to the naturally occurring microbes in the soil profile.

For those that are set up to band dry products, The Andersons has dry fertilizers and soil amendment products that can be blended to fit your desired analysis needs. Many of our soil amendment products utilize The Andersons patented DG (dispersing granule) technology. This means once these products come into contact with soil moisture, they breakdown and become immediately available for plant use.

Please reach out to me or your trusted advisor from The Andersons for more product information or questions on any of our OMRI Listed® products. Also, stay tuned as we are preparing to launch a brand-new organic product soon.

Sierra Dice is an agronomy consultant and organic account representative for The Andersons Retail Farm Centers. A graduate of Purdue University, Sierra studied agribusiness and agronomy. She has worked in ag retail for 10 years and has responsibility for organic product sales with The Andersons in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.. If you have questions related to organics, Sierra can be reached at

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