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June Organics Update

Posted by Sierra Dice, Organic Agronomy Consultant on June 13, 2022

As planting is wrapping up for most growers, we are starting to check-in on field trials. The below image is from a trial in Russiaville, Indiana, with some of our organic products. In the trial, The Andersons new PureStart® liquid organic starter was applied at 10 gal/ac and The Andersons Fulvic LQ™ was applied at 1 qt/ac. As you can see in the image, the plants that received PureStart have longer roots and more above ground leaf tissue over the untreated. The Fulvic LQ treated corn also has a more defined root system over the untreated check and is a whole leaf growth stage above the untreated. We also see more root hairs on both treatments, meaning these plants will have more opportunity to pick up nutrients as they move through the soil profile. When comparing stand counts, both treatments had an estimated +200 plant count over the untreated. Watch for more updates on this trial as the season progresses.

As we move through June, be aware of possible disease pressure. Hurricane season has already started which means there is an increased opportunity for disease to set in. In July, look for an update on what diseases we are seeing and possible products to use to help maintain organic yields.

Sierra Dice is an agronomy consultant and organic account representative for The Andersons Retail Farm Centers. A graduate of Purdue University, Sierra studied agribusiness and agronomy. She has worked in ag retail for 10 years and has responsibility for organic product sales with The Andersons in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.. If you have questions related to organics, Sierra can be reached at

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