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OUT YIELD the Competition with PureGrade® Liquid Fertilizer

Posted on October 20, 2016

An effective fertility program means a successful crop today, tomorrow and in the future; and research has shown PureGrade liquid starter fertilizers offer seedlings a faster and healthier start.

Including a PureGrade liquid fertilizer in your program will ensure your crop has the nutrients needed to reach its full potential and maximize yields. PureGrade liquid fertilizers are the industry’s best-selling liquid starter fertilizers, providing nutrition plants need to get out of the ground and off to a great start.

Top four reasons to use a PureGrade liquid starter fertilizer:

  • Starts Seeds in Cold Soils
    Applying a PureGrade liquid starter during planting provides an immediate supply of NPK to overcome slow growth and stunting caused by cold soils, harsh weather, and poor soil conditions.
  • Increases Fertilizer Efficiency
    Applying a PureGrade liquid starter at planting is the most efficient way to fertilize high-yield crops. This timing reduces fertilizer tie-up, increases nutrient availability, and minimizes denitrification.
  • Produces Drier Grain
    PureGrade liquid fertilizers stimulate quick advancement through the growth stages, producing drier grain at harvest.
  • Proven Results
    Using a PureGrade liquid starter is the most efficient way to fertilize crops. An application of GoldStart 6-24-6 at a rate of 5 gal/A in-furrow at planting increased corn yields by an average of 8.5 bu/A in eight replicated trials in the Midwest. GoldStart 6-24-6 is 80% orthophosphate and 20% polyphosphate. This gives seedlings access to the phosphorus they need for early growth, as well as phosphorus for sustained growth after emergence.


Available PureGrade liquid fertilizers:

Fully Formulated Starters

GoldStart 80/20 Ortho/Polyphosphate Blends

Diamond 100% Orthophosphate Blends

Premium 50/50 Ortho/Polyphosphate Blends

Fully Formulated Foliars

Slow Release Nitrogen


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