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Set Your Strategy for Foliar Season

Posted on April 19, 2017

The Andersons Crop Coach How to Defeat Deficiencies and Grow ROI

With foliar season in full swing, there are a few fundamental techniques you can count on to help defeat deficiencies and grow ROI:

1. The value of tissue testing
2. The power of CropCoach


The Value of Tissue Testing

Plant tissue analysis helps identify ways to use nutrients more efficiently. Unseen nutrient imbalances or toxicities can be identified, as well. It also measures the efficacy of fertilization and nutrient programs, as well as the levels of nutrients such as, copper, iron, sulfur and others not observed in routine soil tests.

Sampling earlier in the season identifies deficiencies in time to make corrective nutrient applications, helping to reach yield goals and manage economic risks. No matter the crop, plant tissue analysis is worthwhile to help determine nutrient needs. As crop values continue to rise, tools such as this are essential to fiscal and yield success.

For more information on tissue testing, contact your local dealer.

The Power of CropCoach

Tissue testing is complete. What’s next?

Use our CropCoach web application to analyze tissue test results and make customized product recommendations based on nutrient deficiencies. CropCoach is designed to help you take quick, corrective action, maximizing yield and profit.

How Does It Work?

Step 1
Gather and submit tissue samples.

Step 2
Once you have received your tissue analysis, visit CropCoach.com and choose the “Defeat Deficiencies” option.

Step 3
Access your tissue test results using your report number from A&L Great Lakes Labs or manually input your own results.

Step 4
Analyze your nutrient levels and select foliar products to address particular macro and micronutrient needs. This is best done with your local dealer.


Step 5
Defeat in-season nutrient deficiencies and increase ROI with your customized foliar program.

Ready to Get Started?


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