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Tend to What You Planted: The Importance of Corn Foliars

Posted on May 23, 2017

The Andersons Tend to What You Planted: The Importance of Corn Foliars

Don’t lead your crop down the wrong path by applying all of your nitrogen at once.

Guide your corn crop to reach its full potential with split applications. By splitting up nutrient applications, growers have the ability to better manage risk before critical growth stages. Foliar applications should be considered anytime a crop is recovering from environmental stresses such as nutrient deficiencies, weather extremes, or insect and disease attacks. 

The benefits of foliar fertilizer on your corn:

  • Provides efficient amounts of nutrients throughout the growing season
  • Nourishes the plant with proper nutrients to have a greater disease and insect tolerance
  • Maintains growth and sugar movement above ground to encourage healthy root development
  • Establishes early ear set and grain fill leading to maximum yield

Over Pass® 22-0-2  is a chloride free corn foliar and contains slow release nitrogen to extend absorption and minimize leaf interaction from the application of nitrogen. Over Pass 22-0-2 contains 25% slow-release nitrogen to help increase these efficiencies. 

  • Aids the plant during the stressful reproductive stage
  • Extends absorption and minimizes leaf interaction from the application of nitrogen
  • Sets the plant up for higher yields
  • Provides 10-14 days of nitrogen feeding


The Andersons Super 25B

Super 25B is 25% liquid nitrogen with 25% of its nitrogen in a slow-release form and 0.5% Boron. Super 25B provides a 0.5% boron source. Boron is important in plant development and proper maturity. Estimated release pattern is 6 to 8 weeks. 

  • Extends nitrogen release for both soil and foliar applications
  • Encourages plant safety
  • Reduces nitrogen leaching
  • Reduces nitrogen volatilization

The Andersons MicroNourish

MicroNourish® is a highly compatible citric chelated micronutrient package that includes copper, iron, manganese and zinc. MicroNourish increases nutrient efficiency, alleviates plant stress, and aids in vital physiological processes.

  • Improves quality
  • Relieves plant stress
  • Corrects and repairs nutrient deficiencies

Analyze Nutrient Levels with CropCoach®

Use CropCoach to quickly analyze tissue test results and identify nutrient deficiencies. CropCoach is designed to generate foliar product recommendations based on individualized needs, allowing for timely corrective action.

  • Step 1 - Conduct tissue testing
  • Step 2 - Input tissue test results at
  • Step 3 - Choose products to correct nutrient deficiencies

Build your customized nutrition plan today at!

The Andersons CropCoach


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