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Set Up Your Soybeans to Exceed Expectations

Posted on May 31, 2017

The Andersons Tend to What You Planted: The Importance of Corn Foliars

Get soybean crops on the road to recovery after weather extremes, nutrient deficiencies or insect and disease attacks with foliar fertilizer.

Foliar fertilizer is an effective approach of applying fertilizer to meet soybeans needs during yield-determining growth stages.

Splitting applications of nitrogen provides growers the opportunity to manage risk before critical growth stages. Nitrogen undergoes volatilization and denitrification during the growing season, leading to nitrogen loss. Applying PureGrade® low-salt foliars allows growers to reduce environmental losses, improve efficiency, and maximize yields.

Benefits of foliar fertilizer on soybeans:

  • Adheres to plant leaves to extend foliar activity
  • Provides efficient amounts of nutrients throughout the soybean growing season
  • Works in compatibility with most post-emerge chemicals
  • Supplies nutrients quickly to correct nutrient deficiencies and hasten recovery following adverse weather

Over Pass® 10-2-10 contains a 25% slow release nitrogen to extend absorption and minimize any leaf interaction from the application of nitrogen. For best results, use in a program with First Pass®, our premium soybean starter.

  • Aids the plant during the stressful reproductive stage
  • N, K, and Mn help retain blooms, setting up the plant for higher yields
  • Provides 10-14 days of nitrogen feeding


Korrect™ Plus

Korrect Plus is a combination of a highly available, mild form of potassium, EDTA chelated manganese, and a safe, effective source of boron. The first opportunity to use Korrect Plus is at first bloom, or about the third trifoliate, and it can be applied in conjunction with an herbicide or insecticide. The second opportunity is at R1 with a fungicide.

  • Totally and immediately available to the plant
  • Natural organic carrier enhances receptivity by plants
  • Sets the stage for high yields and crop quality

The Andersons Phosfix

Phosfix 7-4-9 with micronutrients contains trace elements of humic and fulvic acid. It helps overcome slow growth and reproductive issues. Phosfix also improves the soybean plant’s tolerance to stress and helps growth through adverse growing conditions.

  • Accelerates plant growth, maximizing yield potential
  • Supports the full genetic expression of top varieties, resulting in higher yields
  • Increases pod set in soybeans
  • Built to optimize reproductive growth

Analyze Nutrient Levels with CropCoach®

Use CropCoach to quickly analyze tissue test results and identify nutrient deficiencies. CropCoach is designed to generate foliar product recommendations based on individualized needs, allowing for timely corrective action.

  • Step 1 - Conduct tissue testing
  • Step 2 - Input tissue test results at CropCoach.com
  • Step 3 - Choose products to correct nutrient deficiencies

Build your customized nutrition plan today at CropCoach.com!

The Andersons CropCoach


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