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Video: Achieving record green bean yields

Posted on December 19, 2022

Rodney Finke is a grower in Columbus, Indiana. He grows a variety of crops on his farm, including corn, soybeans and commercial green beans. Rodney was introduced to The Andersons' products in January 2022 by Jeff Gilder, The Andersons agronomist, who helped him plan a full system approach for his farming operation.

Rodney wanted to set up his farm for high yield and high return—and he achieved both! “I always try to look at a field and say, well, I want good yield but I got to have good return to run the business.”

After putting the right products in place, he saw his green bean yield increase by 1.2 tons more than his previous record. He expects to see similar results this year, thanks to the careful planning done by Jeff and The Andersons High Yield Solutions program.

Watch Rodney’s testimonial and download The Andersons High Yield Solutions to learn more about how you can achieve similar results!


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