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Conquer Winter Conditions with Ice Melt Solutions

Posted on August 15, 2023

Winter’s icy grip will be here before you know it, wreaking havoc on roads, walkways, and facilities. This poses safety risks and can hinder or even halt productivity.  

As you begin your preparation for winter, here are several things to consider when making your plans to conquer this winter’s icy conditions.  

Choose the right product for your application 

With a wide variety of ice melt solutions available in the market, it is essential to choose the right product to fit your budget and needs. Some of the top considerations for industrial ice melt applications include: 

  • Product general use: Is the product an anti-icer or a deicer? You will want to know before purchasing to ensure the product fits with your application plans.  
  • Effective temperature: Depending on your environment and applications, choose an ice melt that will work within your temperature needs.  
  • Safety for pets, plants, and children: Not all ice melts are created equal. In high-traffic areas or areas with vegetation, be sure to consider if your ice melt is safe for those in the area.  
  • Decide if you need a chloride-free ice melt: Depending on your situation, ice melts that include chloride can be effective. However, these can be slightly harmful to concrete, metal surfaces, landscaping, and vehicles.  

Create an application plan  

Depending on the type of ice melt solution you choose, it may be best to apply the product before a winter weather event as an anti-icer or after as a deicer.  

Apply ice-melting solutions before a weather event to prevent ice from bonding to the surface. When applying after a weather event, be sure to apply ice melt solutions evenly to help with more uniform melting and ice removal.  

Always be sure to read and follow manufacturer instructions on how to apply ice melt solutions. Wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves and eye protection to avoid any accidental contact with skin or eyes.  

Consider the environmental impact  

Each ice melt solution is manufactured and created differently with various components. Chloride-free options generally have a reduced impact on vegetation, soil, water bodies, and metal infrastructure, and are typically safe to use around high-traffic areas that include children and pets.  

Find Ice Melt Solutions from The Andersons  

The Andersons ice melt products, STS-2000® and Ice Vise®, are specifically formulated to deliver fast and effective melting, even in the coldest temperatures. With chloride-free formulas, they are gentle on surfaces, environmentally friendly, and minimize tracking indoors. 

To better compare the features and benefits of The Andersons ice melt solutions and choose the best product for you and your location, see the table below and reach out to your territory manager with specific questions about these products.  

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